Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Perfect Day - it's YOURS FREE!!!

Hey Sketch fans!! I have something to show you that I've been working on!!!

I'm not giving away the perfect day...but I AM giving away a FREE SPOT in my new online class - THE PERFECT DAY (hosted by A Million Memories)!!!

How can you win? You just have to register for the class at A Million Memories by close of business on Wednesay, September 17th. During the checkout process, write "PHUTCH BLOG" in the COMMENTS section. I will pick a random winner on Thursday, September 18th. If you win, you will receive a refund for the class!!! (Remember, the class kit is a separate purchase and is not included in this contest). Good luck!!!!

So...what are you waiting for? You can register HERE.

And here's another sneak peek at the class!!!! And, check back later in the week for another peek!!

(***And if you look at MY CRAZY BLOG....you will see more information about the class).


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